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Folk Song Society of Greater Boston Collection at the New England Conservatory

The FSSGB library has moved to the New England Conservatory. The name of our collection at the NEC is "The Folk Song Society of Greater Boston Collection".

FSSGB Collection at NEC
The Blumenthal Family Library
Student Life and Performance Center
255 St. Botolph Street, Boston


You can refer to NEC's library donation page for general information about their donation policies. Among other things, that web page tells you what they will and will not accept. Although the policy says they generally do not accept outdated/obsolete media formats or magazines/journals, they will consider donations of these items on a case-by-case basis. The library will retain duplicates if they merit keeping and are in good condition. If they choose to keep a duplicate of something already in the non-circulating FSSGB Collection, the duplicate will become a circulating copy. If a third copy of something is acquired, it will either be given to another library, an NEC student who has shown interest in the subject, or will go to the annual book and music sale. To make donations to the FSSGB collection at NEC, contact Allison Boehret, NEC Director of Advancement: Major Gifts (contact info below) about what you have and to arrange drop off.


The NEC Library catalog is browse-able online at - choose Search Classic Catalog" and enter something you are seeking. The FSSGB Collection items that come up are clearly marked as such. All of the items in the FSSGB Collection will bear a bookplate to indicate they are part of the FSSGB Collection at the New England Conservatory Library.


Allison Boehret