Monthly party

Mid-Day Singing Parties

The sings begin at noon ET and run to roughly 3pm to help those who travel avoid heavy traffic and nighttime driving.

We ask that attendees be vaccinated (honor system). Acoustic instruments are welcome. RSVPs are appreciated but not necessary. To RSVP or ask questions contact the party coordinator (by phone or text) at 617-283-8532.

Upcoming dates (these are all Fridays):

  • July 14, July 28
  • August 11, August 25
  • September 8 September 22
  • October 6, October 20
  • November 3, November 17
  • December 1, December 15

These singing parties are mostly in Arlington, Medford and Malden, the party coordinator at 617-283-8532 for details about specific dates.

Most of these dates need hosts! Please reach out to the party coordinator (617-283-8532) if you're willing to host.