Lou & Peter Berryman

Sunday, March 24, 1996, 2pm
In Framingham, MA

Those who are familiar with Lou & Peter Berryman's songs and performances have probably already signed up for this concert, or are rushing for the phone. For those who aren't, it's hard to explain. Can you imagine a song about cleaning the refrigerator which is also a protest against nuclear weopons? How about romance and "Crab Canapes"? These were two of their songs I heard first from other singers. Recent lyrics include "What's in tortellini? Why can't Johnny bowl?". They are not merely eccentric and whimsical but are satirists as well; one of their choruses says "No one denies your right to live in your car."

Peter plays guitar and writes most of the lyrics; Lou plays accordian and composes and arranges most of the music. Their songs are done by many other performers but no one sings them as well as Lou and Peter themselves. His singing is somewhat country or folksy, hers a little more theatrical but they mesh delightfully. Often they weave two voices singing entirely different words into one very funny message. Join us if you can for a unique perspective on music, language, and the human condition.

Click here for more details on the Berrymans, biographical info, and discography.

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