Two old-timers

FSSGB 50th Anniversary

Many thanks to our artistic members Carol Pierson, Deb O'Hanlon and Bridget McManus for their work in creating the design for our 50th anniversary t-shirt, which is now available at all FSSGB events.

"Carrying on the Tradition, Volume 2"

FSSGB's 50th anniversary CD is now available at FSSGB events and on!

We are eternally grateful to Steve Friedman of Melville Park Studios in Hyde Park for donating the recording and engineering of the CD, and to Bridget McManus and Ed Council of Lepidoptera Graphics for doing the CD booklet graphics and layout.

Songs on the CD:

  1. 900 Miles (The Simones)
  2. Stagolee (Paul Beck)
  3. Over the Mountain (Brian Cartwright)
  4. The Baltimore Fire (Celeste Frey)
  5. The Ward Line (The Graybeards)
  6. This Little Light of Mine (Highland Station)
  7. Digging in the Dirt (Ellen Schmidt)
  8. Buckeye Jim (Alison Lee Freeman)
  9. Death and the Maiden (Deb O'Hanlon & Merle Roesler)
  10. She Moved Through the Fair (Nancy Mulrey)
  11. Last Days of Summer (Ann Schunior/Joanie Bronfman/Neal MacMillan)
  12. Poor Orphan Child (Kathy Moore & Tyler Buck)
  13. Mississippi Sawyer/Soldier's Joy (Donald Duncan)
  14. Two Soldiers (Cindy Primett)
  15. Owl's Lullaby (Suzanne Mrozak)
  16. McKinley's Rag (Webster Hall)
  17. Angel Gabriel (Deb O'Hanlon & Peter Fischman)
  18. The Lakes of Pontchartrain (Michael O'Leary)
  19. My Darling Ploughman Boy (Jeanne Wildman & Chris Felknor)
  20. The Cuckoo (Peter Hamlin)
  21. I Told the Cuckold (Paul Beck)
  22. Tina Sizwe (The Whiteleys)
  23. The Parting Glass (Donald Duncan)


1-2 CDs: $15 each
3-5 CDs: $13.50 each
6+ CDs: $12 each

If you purchase a "boxed set" of a 40th anniversary CD (Volume 1) and a 50th anniversary CD (Volume 2), you will pay just $25 for the pair...$5 off the combined price of the two single CDs.

If you're a performer on the CD, ask us about volume pricing for performers.